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Farm Insurance

Agriculture is one of the actively growing industries; the entire world depends on it. From the food and vegetables to the livestock, it centers much around everything that concerns living. However, the fact that living depends on this industry makes it vulnerable to certain things. If you own a farm, getting insurance seems like a great way to protect everything you’ve got. Farm and Ranch Insurance offers protection on both personal and commercial bases.

Our Services

For every operation that takes place within and outside a farm, there is the need for an insurance plan that would offer coverage against damages, theft, or hazards. Our Farm Insurance program is not stereotyped as only helping large-scale farmers, but also small-scales. We ensure that we cover everything that concerns the farm, from the food to the products and livestock and the machinery and equipment. All you need is to choose what is best for you from what we have to offer.

Home and Contents

One of our best coverages is Home and Contents. This insurance will help protect losses, damages, or theft within a farmer’s house. It doesn’t matter how small or large the home is; this coverage plan actively compensates. We made sure we included this plan because the contents in a farm owner’s house are most vulnerable. For instance, if the farmer has a small garden where he grows fruits, the Home and Contents Insurance covers losses when there is a fire outbreak.

Farm Machinery and Equipment Insurance

Every farmer has pieces of machinery and equipment, such as tractors, planters, irrigation equipment, etc., for smooth-running operation. Sooner or later, they could damage and cost a lot to repair. Besides, they are expensive to buy. With Farm Machinery and Equipment Insurance that we provide, you wouldn’t have to spend much; it is a great way to protect your farm equipment finances. No matter how little the farm equipment looks, having it insured is a good way to stay protected.

Farm Products Insurance

The main essence of farming is to grow and harvest edible food. Before doing that, you need farm products like seeds, feeds, etc., that must be planted. Farm Products Insurance will be useful in this case because these products are vulnerable to pest attacks. Usually, they cost a lot and even when attacked, affecting the yield or quality of the harvest. We provide this coverage to cover losses when these farm products are either stolen or attacked by pests.

Livestock Insurance

Like farm products, livestock is another investment in the business. Farmers rear livestock for different purposes, e.g., milk, meat, etc. They are living things, which means they could be killed or injured. Our Livestock Insurance, however, covers this loss. We ensure that every livestock on the farm is properly accounted for and insured against accidents caused by other animals, natural disasters, or human-induced. We provide extra service by employing special adjusters to check and provide coverage for equine livestock.

Farm Liability Coverage

Like Standard Home Insurance policy, we provide Farm Liability Coverage to our esteemed clients. The insurance covers are property damage, medical expenses, and bodily injury caused due to working on a farm. It is important to have this coverage option because you can never be too careful with your dealings on a farm. No matter how experienced you are in farming, you could mishandle a piece of farm equipment or machinery or livestock, losing control, which may cause bodily harm.

Farm Loss of Income and Compensation Insurance

Different circumstances could arise, and they may reduce your income from farm products and livestock sales. For instance, bad weather or climate could affect the growth and harvesting of crops; likewise, a disease outbreak could affect livestock lives. It could also be when farm theft or property damage occurs, causing a reduction in your income. When all these happen, you may be on the losing end. However, our Farm Loss of Income and Compensation Insurance covers you within that period.

Farm Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The safety of every farmworker is of the essence. Therefore, our Farm Workers’ Compensation Insurance aims at protecting them.

Why Should You Get Farm Insurance With Us?

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We have categorically tailored our services to providing Farm and Ranch Insurance to cover personal and property damage caused during and outside farm operations. The explicit description of our services makes us different from many inexperienced brokers claiming to be in the field. Therefore, your choice determines what happens on your farm.

Choosing what is best for you has to be a priority because there are so many things at stake. For one, the products and livestock you will need for farming are at stake; hence, they need to be covered, so you don’t record losses when something bad happens. All you have to do from here is contact us for our Farm Insurance services, and we will deliver to you beyond the extraordinary.