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Office Building Insurance

Business people, Entrepreneurs, Salesmen, and Office workers all have something in common – they work within a building. It doesn’t matter if you have to work from home or get an office or shop, having a place where you can carry out all business activities of the day is important. Now, insurance on such office buildings is a top-priority because many things could go wrong – maybe now or in the future. With the right amount of money and consideration for the various coverage options available, you could get a good broker to protect your business building and assets.

Our Services

Office Building Insurance is intuitive –insurance that covers the building where you run your business. There is a strong need for this insurance because things could go wrong within office premises where lives or properties could be injured, damaged, or destroyed. When that happens, you don’t want to be stuck with no option; you cannot handle all rebuilds and repairs all by yourself.

We are a certified broker that knows precisely what our customers want. For Office Building Insurance, we are one of the bests at it; we protect every detail within the premise, including contents and furnishings. We provide equal opportunities to small and large office buildings because what matters isn’t the size but the vulnerability of certain things.

What you’ll find from our top-notch services as regards office building coverage options include;

Building Property

Since we are all about providing coverage for an office building, that means the building does come first. There is a General Standard Insurance Policy on buildings constructed either for residential or commercial purposes. The reason for having that is to ensure that when something terrible happens – for instance, it collapses, there is a plan to cover losses caused by the damage. Therefore, if you have an office building, we help you adhere strictly to this insurance policy, so you are prepared for property damage.

Physical Damage or Loss

For casualties involved due to a disaster hitting an office building, there is a coverage plan. The purpose why we included this is to ensure you don’t face lawsuits from employees or workers. The Physical Damage or Loss coverage is only valid if the terrible event occurred within an office building; anything outside is an individual’s responsibility. Every single person working within that building is properly accounted for so that there won’t be problems in the future.

Business Income Loss

In every business, transactions could go south. You may have planned to make profits, and eventually, you had more losses than you bargained for. Indeed, everything is a risk, but we help you face it with Business Income Loss Insurance. Here, all business transactions carried out in an office building are covered so that if there are losses in income, you won’t have to be bothered much about it. We cover this particular program so you could always bounce back from any situation.

New Property Insurance

Now, you don’t necessarily have to be within an office building before you get another type of coverage that we offer. The New Property Insurance was explicitly designed so that if a company is looking towards expansion, there is an extension of our services too. That means, if there is a newly acquired property, our coverage plan ensures that it is protected from damage, destruction, or unpleasant lawsuits. However, this building insurance type is considered if the new property is registered in the company’s name.

Zero Deductions for Depreciation

If you are looking to sell an office building at the end of the day, there is another insurance type we offer so that they are valued at replacement cost. However, our Zero Deductions for Depreciation will help since the buildings are protected under a business owners’ insurance policy. It is only ideal that you insure 80% of the building to recover without deductions.

What Don’t We Cover in Office Building Insurance?

While we have excellent coverage options for office building insurance, there is also much emphasis on the things we don’t.

Natural Disaster

When natural disasters occur, such as earthquakes or floods, we do not provide coverage on them.


The failure of a utility service provider has no coverage in office building insurance.

Computer Installation, Repair, and Testing

There is no coverage on the installation, repair, or testing for a business place with accessories or appliances, like a computer.

Why Insure?

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As much as making profits is important to you, so is getting insurance for your office building. We don’t say this because we want you to fulfill all demands to run a business; we do because it is the right thing to do. Our coverage plans are succinct yet extensive. We pride ourselves on making every business person that works with us satisfied with property protection. Contact us for our services today, and let’s get working.