Commercial Insurance Broker

Commercial insurance has become more of a necessity than an option with the growing risks that could arise in business. For this reason, you want to protect your business adequately, and trust us, the last thing you need is an inexperienced or unqualified broker handling your affairs. If you are looking for just the right commercial insurance broker for your business, we’re the ones for you. Our insurance services cover all ranges of small businesses and enterprises, so you can focus on growing your business unhindered while we take care of the risks involved for you.

Our Services

General Liability Insurance

We provide insurance on the risk of your company’s workers or infrastructure incurring injury or causing damage to other people or properties.

Workers Compensation

When damage or injury occurs within your company and to your workers on the job, we take responsibility on your behalf with this insurance coverage.

Disability Insurance

In the event that your employees are unable to work due to one hindrance or the other, you need not fret about how to pay them as our services cover providing their income.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

This insurance protects you from the risks of possible loss due to customer claims of problems or dissatisfaction with your product or service.

Business Owner’s Policy

Here, all major property and liability risks are covered altogether. We provide your business with the much-needed protection from the basic risks you could possibly run into, all handled in one package.

Cyber Liability

You also get insurance coverage on your company’s data if it gets lost or stolen.

Get Insurance Packages Tailored Just for You

Another interesting part of our services is that we do not generalize our offers. While some insurance policies may apply to any business, others may not, and we very well recognize and work in line with this actuality. We tailor our insurance coverages to the particular needs of your business. We are open to providing commercial insurance broker services to companies that cut across various industries such as construction, real estate, transportation, food industry, technology, nonprofits, and health care, to mention but a few. Regardless of whichever industry your business falls into, we can adequately prepare a suitable insurance package just for you, tailored to cover all your possible risks.

Why Insure at All?

Sometimes, businesses make the mistake of thinking they can scale through risks on their own. In the end, they realize all too late that they thought wrong. You may have wondered as well if it was essential for you to insure your business at all or if the cost was worth it. We can assure you that it’s totally worth it, compared to the damage your business stands to suffer, and we’ll go on to tell you why exactly you need protection.

Small businesses particularly tend to dodge insurance provisions. According to the United States Small Business Administration, business enterprises with less than 500 employees or who do not generate up to $7 million annual receipts are classified under small businesses. These businesses are commonly affected by two types of liabilities which should be protected against:

1.       Internal Liabilities

Apart from injuries to employees as they work, another very prominent internal liability you are at risk of facing is lawsuits from offended workers. Even if you are sure to win the case, you will still have to pay legal fees, which accumulate quickly.

2.      External Liabilities

Here, you can face endless possible risks as your business affects your clients, customers, and outsiders one way or the other. The lawsuits are not excluded, and you certainly don’t want an external liability to catch you unprepared.

Why Choose Us as your Commercial Insurance Broker?

It is not enough for you to pay for insurance to cover your business. You have to make sure you’re paying it to the right broker. Many get insurance plans that don’t fit their business, and when they run into losses and are to file their claim, their policies turn out to be worthless. With us as your trusted broker, you can’t fall into this predicament.

We are well knowledgeable about the market and how it affects your industry. Thus, we structure your insurance package to cushion all possible loss effects that you might face.

In terms of responsiveness, you have us at your service always. We won’t fail to deliver when it matters the most. This is why we are the best commercial insurance broker for you; we take care of your risks so you can take care of your business. Contact us today and protect your business from unprecedented risks both within and without.