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Apartment Building Insurance – Detailed Guide

What is Apartment Building Insurance? Apartment building insurance covers the owner of an apartment complex. It provides protection from liability to the owners for property damage caused by a third party, and it also protects the building’s common areas such as parking lots and swimming pools.   Things To Consider for Apartment Building Insurance? Apartment...


Hotel Insurance – A Detailed Guide

What is hotel insurance? Hotel insurance provides coverage for the building and its contents. It also covers you, your guests, employees, and contractors while they are staying in your hotel. It can even cover you if something happens to your hotel’s contents after it has been moved into a new location. The most common types...


All About Commercial Insurance Brokers

What is a Commercial Insurance Broker? A commercial insurance broker is an independent agent who represents multiple insurers and can negotiate the best rates for your business. A commercial insurance broker will help you find the right coverage at competitive prices, but they are not licensed to sell insurance policies. They may be able to...